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Lights at Concert

Stay Drunk, Stay High, & Have Fun!

Drunk N Stoned Fest III is the largest comedy festival in the world!

Fans and Smoke

All About The Drunk N Stoned Festival 

The Drunk N Stoned Festival is the world’s largest comedy festival, featuring some of the best comedians and comedic performances from around the globe. We have something for everyone with a wide selection of shows, from The Drunken Stoner Comedy Show starring The Drunken Stoner, Kelsey Lane, Billy Lynch, Ron Bush, Evan Warner, Sam Harter, Andrew Vazquez and Jared Levin to Sizzle Presents, featuring special performances by Sizzle, JR Redwater, Corey Baldwin, Luis Noriega, Danny Nixxon, Isiah Starks, Jon Lindner, Dinah Leffert, Darby Cash, Johanna Petree, and Carissa Gomez, Peter Skobel’s Acapulco Goldies Presents, with Peter Skobel, Dylan Subiza, Shane Bianchi, Joe Chaplowski, Mikey McDonald, Killian McAssey, Matt Bell, Joseph Fulmer, Sean Hyatt, Ryan O'Toole, Justin Borland, Jaron Millan, and Clark Franzman, Michelle Malizaki's Ichiban Mom & Friends Comedy show featuring Cole Young, Lisa Landers, & Headliner Yoshi Obayashi. Olivia Janile Faiola’s Keeping Up With The Comedians, Russell Navarette’s The Last Resort Comedy Show, Coke & A Smile, A Hill To Die On, Lou's Line is it anyway, Rawkward's Bits and Bars and many more. Come join us for an unparalleled comedy experience!

The Worlds Largest Comedy Festival
Lights at Concert
Lights at Concert





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