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Drunk N Stoned Fest MMXXIII

Comedy will be F*$&'ed Up Forever! 

  • Over 35+ artists from standup, television and film will be featured in the first annual Drunk N Stoned Festival where they will give all new performances followed by an in depth interview about their work. Influencers in the art of comedy include Caesar Lizardo, Brendan McCorkle, CT Adams, Sizzle, Brandon Follett, Michelle Malizaki, Ben Berger, Peter Skobel, Ron Bush, Blaize Sanchez, Coke, Billy Lynch, Kelly Hendrickson, Kazeem Rahman, Alec Prichard, Bork, Jared Levin, Suwon Weaver, Gilberto Gibby Lopez, Alexis Prigo, Julius Frierson, Max Goldman, Danny Archila, Bryan Rubio, Mike McFarland, Ray Santos, Jake Bassi, Evan Warner, John DiResta, Justin Baran, Sammy Weiser, Andre Mulligan, and many more!

Caution: Comedy Ahead

We celebrate the vital art of comedy in all its forms and support speaking your truth. Some material may be controversial or include explicit content. 

Comedians aren’t known for throwing punches. Their art can be profane, explicit, controversial and even shocking. Some people find such boundary-pushing material refreshing and hilarious. Others do not. Examples of content that you may encounter on The Drunken Stoner Comedy Show platform include racial slurs or words like “bitch” bleeped language or alt characters, sexual innuendo and slang. With this in mind, please consider your own sensitivities and comfort level before proceeding. 

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