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5 comics from the 805 that will make your day.

5: Bryan Rubio- Bryan’s make the best out of every situation approach to comedy brings a certain freedom and exuberance to his style of comedy that is sure to make the worst day and even the best day that much better.

Bryan is from the 805 by way of Simi Valley and is one of the hardest working comedians on and off stage. Catch him at a stage near you or on FX Mayans MC (Ganso) or Netflix Lowrider (Gordo) Make sure to Follow Bryan Rubio @rubiotime on Instagram


4: Justin Baran- Sometimes when your looking for laughs you want the comedian to tone it down a notch and just tell jokes. Sometimes you want the comedian to be just as somber as you, but also be hilarious. Justin Baran is an absolute killer on stage. His tone of comedy is unmatched and he is sure to make you leave any show with a huge smile.

Justin is a Ventura native make sure to check him out @justin.baran on Instagram

Justin Baran
Justin Baran


3: Michelle Malizaki- A prodigy of Russell Peters, and a fast rising name on the international comedy circuit. Michelle’s style of comedy works on such a broad range that even the glummest of grumps will be bursting out laughing at “Ichiban Mom’s” Comedy style.

You can catch Michelle working out her material in and around the Ventura Comedy scene or touring around the world like the superstar Michelle is.

Follow Michelle on Instagram @mmalizaki

Michell Malizaki
Michelle Malizaki


2: Jake Gallo- Jake Gallo is like Sinatra to the Ventura Comedy Scene. An absolute LEGEND. Im talking funny AF his jokes make laughing very infectious! Jake puts on shows monthly around Ventura that are a must see bringing some of the best names in the industry to the 805. Make sure to follow Jake on instagram

Jake Gallo
Jake Gallo


1: Julius Frierson- A true Comedy icon in the making. Julius Frierson is a new name thats been making a lot of noise in and around the 805.

Originally from Santa Ana, Julius moved to Ventura where he worked quickly to build his name in the comedy circuit using his high energy stage presence and impromptu comedy style. Julius Frierson is sure to brighten the day of any audience he graces with stage time. Catch Julius on his Podcast Real Quicc Tho and make sure to follow Julius Frierson on his instagram @realquicctho




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