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America's answer to Drunken Superstardom!

The Drunken Stoner Comedy Show presents So You Want To Be A Drunken Superstar!

A comedy game show for drunks by drunks! Comedians and musical artists gather for a night of laughs on laughs as contestants compete for the coveted title of drunken superstar!

The Drunken Stoner hosted another unforgettable comedy night on January 19th, 2024 with a stellar lineup of talented performances and drunken shenanigans live in Downtown Los Angeles. Makeup artist Han Cholo surprise face painted comedians faces at random and Rock Samson was special guest judging on the mic. Doctor Striker opened the show performing his famous "The Man", "Be A Man", and finished off with "Suck My Dick". Headliners Shane Bianchi and Isak Allen delivered an iconic stand up comedy set that had the crowd rolling! Needless to say the crowd was pumped up with the killers that walked across The Drunken Stoner Comedy Show stage and were ready to see who was going to be the next

Drunken Superstar!


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Musical Artist Yungcameltoe

brought the heat performing his "Yct Pastor" "Breastmilk"

and "Snow Bunny Heaven"

Watch it here ⬇️

Download MP4 • 903.86MB

A Special Thank You to

Rock Samon Judge at The Drunken Stoner Comedy Show
Rock Samson

🍻🌟Drunken Superstar performances by:

Sam Harter

Mike Silver

Erica Cantor

Melissa Meliha

Jay Aquino

Gabe Sosa

Amanda Slater

Jonathan Lyte

Franck Juste

Max Lehman

Raul Santos

Michael Verbenec

Steve Gonzalez

Pat Colicchio

Marcus Dawson

Julius Frierson

Kyle Caldwell



David Moore

Ray Cameron

Atray Pickens

Anthony Caroll

Benye Shykiem

Camren Frisk


Rawkward ( Doo Hop & 4BFI)


Shoutout Han Cholo for supporting and face painting the artist before the show.

Checkout his work🎨 ⬇️


In the past year we've had power in numbers.







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